Vexed by Visa

Yeow… raised the price on the CF card I wanted from $79 to $86.50 since last week. So instead, I ordered from ($83.50, with free shipping)–I really hate ordering from somebody I’ve never heard of.

When I bought my camera online two weeks ago, I was prompted to enroll in Verified by Visa in order to continue my transaction. But the damned Verified by Visa window opened in a popup, which Firefox killed, of course. How fucking stupid can some companies get? It took me awhile to figure out why my order wasn’t being completed like it should.

So when I ordered the CF card last night, the vendor’s checkout process tried redirecting me to Verified by Visa (which I apparently have to go through for most online transactions now), but the attempt to contact their website timed out. So the checkout process was dead, but I wasn’t sure if clicking Back and resubmitting my order was a wise idea. For all I knew, I would have ended up submitting several orders at once by doing that. I did it anyway, and it finally worked after about the fifth time.

Verified by Visa fucked every time I’ve used it so far, but despite eventually working, it’s actually discouraging me from making online purchases, rather than making me feel more secure.

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  1. Had the same thing happen to me once – and for whatever reason, i’ve never had to go thru Verified by Visa again. No idea what triggers it.

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