Won't Stop

This rain. It’s driving me crazy. For some reason, I can’t sleep when it’s raining–I’ve probably had too many problems with water entering my house one way or another. It’s supposed to clear up a bit tomorrow and Saturday, then start back up again Sunday. I hope I have time to get a few things done outside before it does start raining again. Well, at least it’s not windy. I hate that just as much.

2 thoughts on “Won't Stop

  1. Then Don’t ever move to Wyoming…Its always windy here. And its snowing here. I like the rain..but I hate the snow..especially when I have to drive in it.

  2. sorry but I love rain. Well sort of.
    For example. The rain I experienced Saturday night, Sunday morning was great, right as we came home from Fright Night (@kennywood) in pittburgh. So as I awoke I look out the window to see Pittsburgh’s streets luminated by the reflections and such of street lights, security lights and any other form of light all reflected by the water and rain drops. Just beautiful.
    Hope to see you happy again, haha. Take care bud.

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