Flat Four

This weekend has been surprisingly good–we went camping and boating at Huntington State Park with Traci’s friends John and Julia. They brought their boat and slept in a tent, and we brought our trailer and cooked a few meals in there (including a load of crayfish that we caught). I wasn’t looking forward to going, only because it’s such a pain in the ass to load up the trailer and haul it around, especially for just one night, but this turned out being well worth it. My arms are really sore from skiing (and trying to slalom), and we all got a little sunburned–added to my burn from last weekend, and I’m hating it. Anyway, I’m glad we went and I’m looking forward to going again when we get the chance.
We planted some tomatoes in the back yard this year, and they’re finally starting to ripen. There are so many that Traci gave a bunch of them to her parents today, and we made a lot of salsa this evening. Next year, I think I’m going to grow everything I need to make salsa without having to buy anything, except the lime juice, vinegar, and seasonings, of course. Oh yeah, Fritos are pretty hard to grow in the garden as well.

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  1. Hell yeah, reminds me of when me and my dad would fire up the grill and throw down on some fritos…
    Better flip that frito dad….you know how I like ’em.

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