I found out yesterday that the speed in the Taurus is governed at about 100 MPH. I was passing a car on a long, straight stretch of US-6 east of Wellington, hoping to record a speed of over 100 on my GPS, but I could only do 97.3 MPH. I think I could hit the mark going downhill if I really tried, but I didn’t want to risk getting clocked by a UHP trooper by trying it again.
I love how that car handles on the highway, though–we went for a 300 mile drive on Saturday, south on SR-10 to I-70 westbound, then north on US-89 to US-6, then home again. We made a lot of stops, and the car was only shut down once when we stopped for lunch, so the engine was basically running for 8.5 hours during a 10 hour trip. We did a lot of geocaching along the way, but nothing really interesting happened.
It seems like summer has passed rather quickly–September is just a few weeks away. I’m planning on bagging three more Utah county high peaks in the next month, and camping at least two more weekends, though I think I’d like to keep camping long past our normal camping season since my truck won’t overheat in the cool weather and the heater in the trailer works quite well. If only the new car payment and higher insurance rate won’t interfere with those plans, then I won’t feel like this summer was a waste.

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