Following you, still not.

Traci and I figured that since the kids are the reason we got so much money back on our tax return, we’d spend the last of the money we had left from it on them. Today I went up to Home Depot in Provo and bought $1,000 worth of lumber and accessories to build this playset. I was there for about 3.5 hours pricing all the lumber and parts, loading it onto a cart, checking out, unloading it onto the ground in the parking lot, and loading it back onto my trailer and securing it. I probably had more than ½ a ton on the trailer, and it was definitely noticeable as I towed it behind the Mazda–usually you can’t even tell it’s there.
I won’t have time to build it during the next two weeks, but after that I’ll have plenty of time to do it. It’ll probably take me an entire weekend to complete. We settled for design A, which was the most we could afford for now, but next spring I might add the big tube slide and definitely a huge climbing wall. I’m not going to bother with their puny climbing wall–I’m going for something at least 8′ tall with probably 30 of these handholds.
Anyway, I’ve got to clear an area in my back yard and level it out, then bring in a couple truckloads of pea gravel (I have no idea how much that’s gonna cost, though), and I’ll be all ready to build. This weekend, however, I’ll be finishing up some work on my camping trailer so we can go to Traci’s family reunion in two weeks. Next weekend is a company barbeque in Provo Canyon on Saturday, and Sunday I think I’d like to just be lazy and do nothing, but I’ll probably still be doing last-minute things for the camping trip. Anyway, blah blah blah, I’m just rambling now and I’m ready for bed (today has been exhausting), so ‘night.

3 thoughts on “Following you, still not.

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    mother, yes son,
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    doors- the end

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