Water Pressure

It looks like I’m going to the next Price City Council meeting. There’s an article in yesterday’s Sun Advocate that covers last week’s council meeting, at which the irrigation ditch that runs through the middle of my block was discussed. Some of the water users (of which I am not one) were complaining that property owners aren’t maintaining the ditch and that there are fences blocking them from entering the property and taking care of the problem themselves. Seeing as how the city has no easement or right-of-way through my property, I have no responsibility to clean the irrigation ditch or to allow others onto my property to do so. It would be nice if the city would pour cement for the water to run through, like some property owners have already done, then maintenance wouldn’t be a problem. It would be even nicer if the city required water users to pump their water from the front of their properties rather than the back, since the city does own the gutter in front of my house and water runs through it almost non-stop. I’m going to call early next week to make sure this issue will be on the meeting agenda, and if so, I’ll definitely be attending and voicing my opinion.

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