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By this morning, Bradley still hadn’t stopped puking and shitting everywhere, so Traci took him to the doctor, and the doctor ended up admitting him to the hospital. Apparently, his entire intestinal track has shut down, a condition called ileus. His doctor said it is probably due to the constant vomiting from having the flu, and it’s apparently somewhat common in very young children who get the flu. For now, he can’t eat or drink anything at all, and he’s got an IV stuck in his arm to feed him and keep him hydrated. Traci is staying with him at the hospital tonight while I stay home with Michael, but I’m dropping him off at Traci’s mom’s in the morning so I can go relieve Traci for awhile. He’ll probably end up staying at least another night in the hospital, so this is probably going to be pretty emotionally draining on everybody, but hopefully it won’t get as bad as when Michael was in the ICU for 10 days after he was born.

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