Head Hunter

Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary–it actually feels like much longer than that. Traci and I ditched the kids and spent the day in Provo/Orem. We played some mini-golf, did some shopping, then ate dinner and headed home. I had a $6 margarita with my dinner, and although it was mighty tasty, I think I could have drank a gallon of that stuff before even feeling a buzz. The entire day was extremely relaxing, and probably one of the best anniversaries we’ve celebrated so far.
This morning, as soon as I woke up, I got all my hiking gear ready and headed out to the Gordon Creek bridge to do some hiking. I found three very vague references to petroglyphs in the area, the last being the most descriptive. I parked near the bottom of the bridge, but not quite near the river bottom, and started hiking downstream. I crossed the stream early on, but realized after a short while that the petroglyphs were on a ridge above the river bottom and on the opposite side of the creek. So I back-tracked and finally found the petroglyphs, and they extended for at least 0.6 miles, which is as far as I got in about two hours before deciding to turn back and head home. There weren’t many of them, and they were spread out pretty far between, but it was pretty interesting being able to see such things just a few miles away from my house.
I’ve actually done a lot of hiking in the past two weeks, and I hope to continue doing so throughout the summer. I haven’t had much desire to go camping yet this year, but once I exhaust all the hiking opportunities near town, I’m sure we’ll end up going camping quite a bit. I put up some pictures that I took over the past several months that I just never really had an excuse to post on my site (or I was just too lazy). I’m hoping to get a new digital camera in the near future, so hopefully when that happens, I’ll start posting many more pictures.

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