Wow…when I said in my last post that I thought Bradley would be walking before he got any teeth, I wasn’t too far off. He took his first real, deliberate steps today, and since then he’s taken a few steps here and there, sometimes without any provocation. It’s probably only a matter of days before he really gets going, at which point there’ll be no stopping him.
I didn’t buy any of the things that I need to build the fence in my back yard while I was up in Orem on Saturday–Lowe’s didn’t have a few of the things that I needed, and I didn’t think I’d be able to fit it all onto my utility trailer anyway because the box that the swamp cooler came in is huge. So instead, we’re all heading up to West Valley to stay at Mike’s this weekend, and I’ll try my luck at getting all the fence stuff in Salt Lake. I’m also going to help Mike replace the clutch in the ’97 Subaru that he bought last week. The repair manual for my ’88 Subaru also covers his car, and they look similar enough that it should be a piece of cake (since I’ve already pulled a few transmissions from Subarus).

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