Ugly Truth

Aight, I got things straightened out with MetLife, but I’m still not happy. Before any work was started, the claims adjuster assured me that they would cover any restoration needed after the hole was dug. Now, when it’s time to pay the supplemental claim, she said they don’t cover things like sod and backfill. I didn’t bother arguing with her since she said they’d send the check off tomorrow, but since they’re not paying the claim in full, it leaves me owing the contractor at least $250. I’d worked out a deal with the contractor that he’d give me the money back for the landscaping and sprinkler system, which I would then get taken care of later by somebody else (since they’re one of the larger construction companies around here and specialize in more heavy kinds of work). So instead of getting a little money back from the deal, I’ll end up owing. I think I’ll just wait until Nelco is finished doing whatever work they still need to perform (new sidewalk, topsoil, etc.), then take some pictures of my still-shitty-looking yard and send them off to MetLife, asking them if this is their idea of “restoration,” and threatening small-claims court if they don’t pay the remaining amount. I doubt it’ll do any good, but I’m not just going to sit back and take it in the ass (not that there’s anything wrong with that :).

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