Traci and I went to the store yesterday, and it was the first time we’d gone anywhere since the front yard was torn up. I guess we had sort of forgotten about the whole mess while we were gone, because when we pulled back into the driveway, we both just laughed at the mess that the property has turned into. It is so damned ugly.
While I was on my lunch break yesterday, I noticed a Price City employee just sort of milling around the front yard and taking notes in a small notebook. I went outside to see what he was doing, and he said he was with the “trees and parkway” department or some such thing, and that he was just surveying any possible damage to the tree roots that could cause the trees to die. I thought that was pretty funny, seeing as how we’ve called the city on a few occasions to get them to trim dead branches off the trees, and they haven’t even done it once. In fact, when the tree in my back yard caused the power line to short out and caught fire to some weeds two years ago, they said they’d send somebody out to trim the tree. Well, they finally sent somebody to trim it just a couple of months ago–luckily for me, they just cut the damned thing down.
Questar was out here yesterday as well, to repair the unmarked gas line that the backhoe struck on Tuesday. When they first showed up, I thought they were worried about the place where the gas main got nicked, but there was actually damage to the line running from the main to my neighbor’s house that they had to repair. It was a little unnerving, since they were working only 20 feet away from my house, and the guy down in the hole was wearing a fire-proof suit, an oxygen mask, and he had a tether attached to his harness so he could be yanked out of the hole by one of the other workers in case something happened. On top of all that, he was welding the new line together, and I don’t believe they shut the gas main off, because my furnace was still running the entire time. There must have been a shut-off valve between the main and the section of pipe they were replacing, but I didn’t see one when the line was exposed the other day.
In the street where they buried the trench, they filled it in mostly with 2-inch rock, and the last foot or two was filled in with road-base gravel, whereas it was all dirt before they dug the trench. Now, whenever a car drives over the filled-in trench, it shakes the entire house. It’s way worse when a large truck or school bus drives over it–the windows and doors shake, and the tremor can be felt anywhere in the house. I hope they pave it back over pretty soon, because I’m getting worried that all this shaking is going to damage the house’s foundation, or even worse, damage the new sewer line (which is currently the envy of the neighborhood :).

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  1. This has nothing to do with your post, but you are gonna hear it anyway. Had a pretty big fuck up at Zions with a bounced back check that never even touched my account, which had more than enough funds for it. Anyway, I was looking into Wells Fargo and Carbon Credit Union. Every tells me to go with CCU since they are far more personable being locally run and Wells Fargo is a cold hearted corporation. Didn’t know their web site so I did some google action and this is the first page to show up: http://www.udink.org/misc/carbon_credit_union/. One thing about a cold hearted corporation is they are forced to some professionalism and you wont get fucked over if you piss off a member of the local family that helps run the place. So thanks to that page I am now leaning towards Wells Fargo. So thank you kindly Dennis. 😉

  2. I opened accounts for my neice and nephew at Wells Fargo, and the woman who opened the accounts was awesome. I was pretty happy with that experience, but I don’t really know anything about banking there.
    My accounts, and those of my two sons, are at Utah Central Credit Union (they’re in the building across from Smith’s where Hogi-Yogi used to be). They’ve been pretty good to bank with, but the only down-side has been that they don’t have any locations in Utah County. It’s not a big deal, but there have been times when I wished they had a branch in Provo.

  3. I have delt with both financial institutions and i’m sorry to say your screwed both ways. Bank out of town if at all posible.

  4. I’m with wells fargo right now. My favorite part about wells fargo is the online banking, and the bill pay. I can pay all my bills in about 10 min. They are also located all over the country. I was in nashville, tn 2 months ago and just down the street from my hotel there was a wells fargo. And 2 weeks ago when i was in anaheim, I noticed they were all over the place. So if you ever need cash when out of town you can get it without being charged.
    I still have an account at CCU but after reading dennis’s experience I am probably going to go cancel my account. Thats fucked up.

  5. Oh ya. I forgot to mention the fact that you can’t even go to the CCU site using mozilla. You HAVE TO USE IE to get onto their site and use the techie teller.

  6. Get used to your house shaking with traffic. When the people across from me replaced their sewer line, the traffic started shaking my house and it still does, even after a couple of years.

  7. Well, considering that there’s an underground vein of rock and gravel leading from under the road straight to the foundation of my house, it shouldn’t be surprising to see it keep going. I’m just hoping that they do a good enough job of paving that it doesn’t leave a bump in the road that will cause the vibrations in the first place.

  8. There was a little dip in our street that they tried to fix 4 times in the span of 2 years or so and they just made it worse every time because they kept trying a quick fix. It was a very simple dip too.

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