There is a huge freaking hole in my front yard. The guys from Nelco got here around 8:30 this morning and started digging a trench beginning right at the base of the front porch and working towards the street. About an hour after that, a trackhoe as big as my house arrived, and they parked it right in my front yard (presumably for when they rip up the street tomorrow). I’ve already uploaded some pictures, and I’m sure I’ll be adding more later in the day.
Yesterday, somebody from Nelco distributed fliers throughout the neighborhood informing everybody of the road closure tomorrow. When I talked to the foreman this morning, he said they received a lot of calls from my neighbors who thought they were replacing the sewer main, rather than just my lateral line. They had to disappoint a lot of people by telling them that it was just my line being replaced, but apparently they heard a lot of stories from other people who’ve had problems with the sewer on this street. I’d like to think that if enough people got together and complained to Price City about the problems, that they’d do something about it–but then again, with my years-long lawsuit against the city for the sewer backup that happened a few years ago, I know from experience that they’ll just laugh in everybody’s faces.
Update – 7:28 pm: That whole “boring under the sidewalk” idea didn’t work so well. They tried running this huge torpedo-looking thing, which was hooked up to a huge compressor via a huge air hose, under the sidewalk through the existing sewer line, but there was apparently too much muck down there for it to really work. The thing was so damned loud, and pretty powerful–I was sitting at the computer working when I felt it start running. Anyway, they’re going to end up just tearing the sidewalk out since they can’t run under it, but that’s no biggie. The one thing that’s not surprising is that every single underground utility that Price City marked was marked incorrectly. After the sewer line leaves my house, it almost immediately starts angling southward, so by the time it meets up with the main, it’ll be about 30 feet from where Price City had it marked. And when they marked the water lines, all they really did was mark where the water meter is on the parkway. There ended up being other water lines running under there that weren’t marked, but luckily they didn’t break any of them. They did have to do a lot of digging by hand though, which really slowed things down. They’re supposed to be back here around 7:30 tomorrow morning, and I’m taking the day off work since it was too distracting trying to work with all that activity going on, so I’m sure I’ll be woken up by construction equipment.

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  1. The picture of them unloading that trackhoe is pretty cool… With the front of the scoop not quite in the picture it looks like the thing is just magically balancing on the trailer… It actually took me a second to figure out what the hell they were doing there.

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