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  1. So, if I had a permit and stopped some idiot from killing a bunch of people at church, would they prosecute me or thank me??? People are stupid.

  2. I dunno… the would-be victims would be the same people who you keep seeing on tv saying things like “church just isn’t a place for guns”, and somehow convince themselves that they’re safer if there’s rules like this in place.They probably figure that even if there’s no possibility of a responsible person to be there to stop the attacker, god will just intervene to save them.

  3. My dad blamed the ban on the chance that some lady might leave her gone in her purse on the floor and some kid might get into her purse and play with it. Killing an innocent person. Any thoughts?

  4. Leaving a handgun where a minor can get to it is already against the law, so I don’t see that as being a valid point. You see, all the people who want to pass more strict gun laws fail to see that the uses of firearms that have negative effects (murder, armed robbery, etc.) are already against the law.Here’s a quote from somebody who said it about as succintly as can be: “The idea that everyday people are full of murderous rage, refrained from embarking on blood lust induced killing sprees only because a gun is not readily available is … ridiculous…

  5. “The idea that everyday people are full of murderous rage, refrained from embarking on blood lust induced killing sprees only because a gun is not readily available is … ridiculous…” do you really think that’s the point of these laws? i don’t know what point you’re trying to make, but nobody’s arguing with you on that.

  6. Picked up a newspaper lately?“No legitimate or credible reason exists for a civilian to go about armed in Utah.”“This flies in the face of common sense, which tells us that allowing tens of thousands of people to pack loaded firearms around increases the risk of accidents or misuse, and that this risk is not offset by the slim chance that some common citizen with a concealed-carry permit will be able to protect himself from a terrible crime by having his loaded gun at the ready.”“E. George Mantes, a former legislator and current regents’ vice chairman, asked the committee to designate colleges and universities as safe havens or sanctuaries”There are a lot of people out there arguing the case that concealed weapons shouldn’t be allowed anywhere, and their reasoning is that they believe an otherwise law-abiding citizen will suddenly commit murder because of the presence of a firearm. Considering that tens of thousands of people in the state of Utah are currently exercising their right to carry a concealed firearm (including myself), and no killing sprees are happening or have happened as a result, I don’t see the anti-gun people’s point as being valid.

  7. yes, they believe someone might be killed as a result of there being a firearm available to fall into the wrong hands. but it has nothing to do with “blood lust induced killing sprees”. like with a lot of debates, there’s a lot of uneducated moron fanatics on both sides making retarded comments… and those are the comments that get quoted, either by other morons, or people on the opposite side of the argument trying to make the other side look bad. quotes like that don’t belong in a reasonable debate.for the record, i’m not exactly religious, but i can definitely see why some people wouldn’t want firearms in a house of worship.

  8. I still don’t see how limiting my ability to legally carry a concealed weapon will help get firearms into the wrong hands. By definition, the “wrong hands” will have firearms no matter what, whether they steal one from me or from somebody else.I have mixed feelings on the allowance of concealed firearms on private property. For the record, it is perfectly legal for any owner of private property to restrict CCW on their property in Utah, whether that property is a home, church, grocery store, or any other business. My feelings, however, are that any place that is open to the general public should either allow CCW, or be strictly liable (in a physical and legal sense) for the protection of all those who are denied CCW on the premises. In addition, CCW permit holders should be strictly liable for any mishaps that occur as a result of their carrying a concealed firearm, whether that’s due to negligent storage (leaving it unsecured where a minor can get to it), or missing an intended target in self-defense and hitting an innocent bystander.As the Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”–well, I certainly don’t want to be denied the right to life, and I feel that I have not only a right, but a duty to defend my life and the lives of my family members, and I’ll do so regardless of what the law dictates I should do.

  9. the wrong hands might not necessarily be those of someone with intention to kill. while you may not be a retard with your concealed weapon, there’s a lot of people that are morons, and they don’t handle them the way they should. and simply making them “liable for any mishaps that occur as a result of their carrying a concealed firearm” won’t change the fact that they’re morons.

  10. Your argument could apply to any number of implements, not just firearms. Morons drive cars, use chainsaws & kitchen knives, and any any number of other potentially dangerous (yet inanimate) objects. Leaving my car keys where they could fall into the wrong hands could be just as dangerous as those eleven rounds of Winchester jacketed hollow-points.There are already laws against negligent discharge of a firearm, and leaving a firearm unattended where a minor can gain access to it (barring reasonable storage methods, such as in a locked safe), so why unduly burden me with not being able to carry at all?

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