The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. The city of Provo is thinking about implementing a city-wide fiber optic network, and some apparent whacko believes that the city is pushing porn by doing so. Gotta love this quote: “Purveyors of sleaze will be able to lease this network to pipe virtually anything they want into our homes.” That’s right, apparently pornography will show up on your computer monitor and television screen against your will if this high-speed network is made available to you.
I get pissed off when newspapers print public forum articles like this, with no apparent basis in reality. Seeing as how high-speed internet access is already available in Provo, and that users of said internet are able to choose what shows up on their screens, I can only wonder what the point of this opinion piece is. Certainly Provo’s proposed network has nothing to do with pornography, since the demand and infrastructure are already there.

4 thoughts on “Pr0vo

  1. whoa… rebelo. it’s been a while since i’ve heard of you. although, you probably don’t remember me.
    but yeah, keep technology away from our children, and our adults… and our seniors. fuck technology. goddamn smut peddlers is what they are. pfft.

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