Jeez, finally back up. Today has sucked so far–in fact, the entire weekend sucked. Both kids have colds, and Michael’s is really bad. It got so bad last night that every time he coughed, he started crying because his throat hurt so bad. That’s when Traci and I decided to take them to the doctor today, so Traci called at 8:00 am this morning and we managed to get a 10:00 am appointment. If the weather had been decent, we’d have made it just in time, but it snowed for most of the drive up, and the Mazda was in four-wheel drive from Soldier Summit to Cedar Haven. We ended up being 25 minutes late, and on top of that we were there for almost two hours. I missed six hours of work, which I’ve got to make up today and tomorrow so that I’m not forced to use the vacation time that I’ve already got planned out for the end of the year.

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