Er, make that 00:14:59

Got a call from KTYD, Santa Barbara, California, about being on their morning show tomorrow at 7:30. I had figured that the morning radio shows were finished calling, but apparently not (not that I mind). I sent a letter to Laron Lind, Assistant Utah Attorney General, regarding a notice that I received last week. The notice simply stated that I should send any supporting documents and “other material relevant to this action” to his office, but I have no idea what type of information, if any, I’m expected to furnish. I don’t actually have anything in writing at the moment–I’ve just been formulating it all in my head–but I don’t expect to have much in the way of supporting documents anyway. There’s no disputing that the word “dink” has a possibly offensive meaning, according to some obscure dictionary reference, so my argument doesn’t hinge around that fact. What it does hinge around is that any reasonable person wouldn’t find it offensive to see UDINK on my license plate, and all the news coverage surrounding this issue should be testament enough to that fact. If I had requested any common four-letter expletive, which would reasonably offend most people, and had been denied, this wouldn’t be news to anybody. But seeing as how innocuous my name is, and how it is my actual birth surname, I don’t see it as being a big deal.

2 thoughts on “Er, make that 00:14:59

  1. Just send him your web address. I think it says it all.
    I’m about sick of hearing about “dink”. What the hell does that have to do with “Udink”. I don’t know about anyone else but I didn’t see a space in his name anywhere. DID YOU!!
    I gaurantee President Bush could get his licens plates with his last name, no problem!!
    …and frank and richard…
    My last name is Marshall.
    Yeah thats wright, I must have called everyone that reads this an ars.
    …nuff said.

  2. i think this was one big publicity stunt, if you will look *pulls out charts* dennis your hits have been down this quarter and you need a new subject to “spice” up them hits. what better way to do it than with something goverment related, who knew it would get this big. or did you? in any case *flips chart* hits are up some people are pissed, nice form dennis nice form :).

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