Oh joy, my wife’s family reunion is coming up in another week, and I can’t believe how disorganized they are. My wife’s aunt, who’s organizing it this year, reserved a campground in Huntington Canyon that is going to be way too small to fit the entire family. Traci and I drove up there last weekend to check it out, basically to see if it was a nice enough campground for me to take some vacation time from work to stay there. When we saw how tiny it was, Traci called her mom to tell her that there’s no way everybody is going to fit, so Traci’s mom called her sister, who in turn called her sister-in-law (the “chain of command,” apparently), who basically said, “It’ll be a tight squeeze, but we’ll all fit.” Yeah, right.
So anyway, since I was apparently the only one who was worried about how small the campground is, I was planning on taking the trailer up a day early in order to get the best spot possible. Then I found out this morning that everybody else in Traci’s family heard about how I’d gone up and that I didn’t think everybody was going to fit, so now everybody else is going up a day or two early (fucking vultures).
The site was supposed to be reserved Thursday through Sunday, so after I heard about everybody going up early, I decided to check online to see if I could reserve it for Tuesday and Wednesday, that way I could just kick out whoever was in the spot that I wanted. It turns out that Traci’s aunt only reserved half of the site for the weekend, and the other half is still available. I’m sure everbody would get pissed off if I reserved that half for myself (not that my relations with that side of the family are great anyway), so I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet (though I’m sure no matter what I do, I’ll end up pissing somebody off).

2 thoughts on “Idiots

  1. Just do it. Just because you have the other half doesn’t mean you still can’t join in the “fun” with your family.

  2. I have the same problem with my girlfriend and her family outings. I’ve learned that out doing the family, although might surface as a good idea, is often a fatal mistake.
    Rent the other half, and reserve some spots it for the ones you do like in the family. If there are any. This way you can keep the peace, and everyone gets to sleep comfortable.

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