Jebus…I ended up having to change a flat tire on my truck today, and I haven’t even driven the damned thing for a week and a half. The truck was parked on the street in front of the house, so I couldn’t see the right-side tires over the curb, but my wife pulled into the driveway today and noticed that the front tire was flat. I was just gonna air it up and move the truck into the driveway, then support that corner with a jack until I could get around to getting the tire repaired, but it wouldn’t hold air at all. I ended up just putting my spare on, but it took me a half-hour to change it because the front-end was so low (with one side in the gutter and that tire being flat) that my bottle jack wouldn’t fit under the axle. When I got finished, I had a nasty headache that still hasn’t gone away.
I’d actually like to sell my truck, because I’ve only driven it once since I fixed the Subaru, and that was only because the car was getting the wheels aligned. The only problem is that when summer rolls around, we won’t have anything to take camping. We’d like to sell our camper and buy an actual trailer, because the camper will be a little crowded with a family of four. The camper is a little too big for a half-ton truck anyway, but my truck should be able to handle an 18′ trailer without any problems. If only my job paid a little more, then I could overspend just that much more. =)

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