Get over it.

My Subaru registration expired at the end of January, but the car needed new tires and a new windshield in order to pass a safety inspection, so I’ve had to dump about $350 into it this week so I can get it registered. I got some cheap-o tires at Wal-Mart for $28 a piece, plus I paid extra for their road hazard warranty–with three flat repairs and one tire replacement in the past year, I figured it would be worth the extra cost. I had to go to Grako’s to get a four-wheel alignment, since Wally World doesn’t do alignments, and that was an extra $50. It probably wasn’t necessary, because it seems that no matter what, every car I’ve ever owned has worn the tires unevenly. For some reason, that hasn’t been true of any trucks I’ve owned. The windshield should be installed tomorrow morning, and it’s costing me $175, so I’ve definitely spent a considerable amount of money on this car in the past three months. Still, after paying only $800 for it, and only putting about $600 total into it (including clutch kit, disc brakes, head gaskets, valve cover seals, timing belts, various other gaskets and seals, four tires, and a new windshield), it’s been well worth it.
I’ll probably be driving up to work on Thursday, so I’ll find out for sure if all the repairs I’ve made will hold up under 150 miles of mountainous, winding roads. It’s been driven farther than that just around town since I’ve replaced the head gaskets, but I haven’t pushed it too hard yet.
I had a lot of problems getting the poll script working again, but it seems to be ok now. After I got it to not give me an internal server error, I was able to add a new poll question, but when I loaded this page, the poll script said I’d already voted. I finally gave up on it, but after simply waiting about an hour, it started working. I considered switching to a different poll script, but the only thing I could find that I liked was in PHP, and I didn’t particularly want to rename my index file with a .php3 extension. Anyhow, if you have problems voting in the poll, leave a comment.

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  1. No, not at all, if you got several hundred thousand hits a day it might, but even then I doubt it.
    Just let me know, I’ll email what you need to add to your htaccess if ou want, its really easy to access with Solo’s new server.

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