Glutton for Punishment

I bought another Subaru yesterday. My sister called to let me know that her hubby had heard about it being for sale, so after work I went out to take a look at it. It has a bad transmission (automatic), so I’m going to swap it out for a manual transmission, and either sell it for a profit or just keep it to beat on.
I had to rent a flatbed trailer from U-Haul to get it from Spring Glen to Price, and that cost me $50, so I’m into this car $200 already. I figure if I can find a similar car with a bad engine and a good manual trans for around $100 or so, I could get this one fixed up and sell it for about $1,000. Of course, I won’t have the time to do anything like that for several months at least, so I’ll just park this Subaru in my back yard until I get around to it–hopefully it won’t rust away into nothing before then.

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