This makes me sick

The relatives of two DC sniper victims are playing the lottery–er, I mean, suing Bushmaster, the two sniper suspects, and the gun dealer who apparently lost track of the rifle used in the shootings. I can, of course, see the logic in suing the sniper suspects, and the gun dealer probably has some culpability as well, but how in the hell can Bushmaster be even remotely responsible? They sold the rifle to a federally-licensed firearms dealer, and that should be the end of their involvement. By the plaintiffs’ logic, anybody who has even the remotest connection to the situation should be held liable–including the ammunition manufacturer, the maker of the getaway car, the oil company who supplied the gasoline used to power the car, etc.–the list could go on and on.
As far as Bushmaster’s involvement, the gun apparently performed flawlessly, and they broke no laws in the sale and distribution of the rifle. They also have no control over what happens after the gun is sold, nor should they have any responsibility to do so. The lawsuit states that the defendants “have intentionally and willfully chosen to sell and distribute firearms in a grossly negligent manner that circumvents established laws and policies of the United States…” Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the ATF responsible for enforcing firearms laws? They issued the license to the gun dealer, and the manufacturer followed the ATF’s own rules by selling the gun to a licensed dealer. It seems as though the dealer’s actions may have been questionable, but it’s the ATF’s responsibility to look into that, not Bushmaster’s.
In a perfect world, the plaintiffs (and their attorneys) should be punished as harshly as the punishment they are seeking if the lawsuit is found to be frivolous (which it obviously is), but with the lack of personal responsibility in today’s fucked up world, there’s no guarantee that a judge or jury would laugh their asses out of court. I hate to say it, but it appears that the people pursuing this case deserve exactly what the sniper victims got.
Also, note the bias in the CNN article. The title–“Sniper victim families sue gun maker, retailer”–makes no reference to the people who are actually responsible for the shootings, and the two sniper suspects aren’t even mentioned as defendants until the fourth paragraph. Also included in the article is a link to another article that describes how “cheap” the Bushmaster XM-15 is, and how easily an 8-year old child can operate it. Fucking liberal news media. (Did I just say that?)

12 thoughts on “This makes me sick

  1. “I hate to say it, but it appears that the people pursuing this case deserve exactly what the sniper victims got.”
    explain the twisted logic of that one to me…

  2. Twisted logic? If, as it sounds, you are trying to defend the reprehensible actions of these “ambulance chasing” attorneys and the plaintiffs who are allowing them to pursue this on their behalf, then you are the one who is twisted.
    If their lawsuit is successful, not only will Bushmaster likely have to pay millions, but undoubtedly a lot of jobs will be cut, or the the entire company may be bankrupted. These plaintiffs are willing to make people suffer who had absolutely no responsibility in the matter.
    We will ask the jury award a verdict of a size that clearly says to the gun industry that the public will not tolerate the kind of shoddy practice that was involved in this case.” Not only is “the gun industry” not to blame, but I don’t appreciate these fucking assholes pursuing this on behalf of the general public. As far as I’m concerned, they might as well not exist–and deservedly so.

  3. Rest assured that I’m not defending the plaintiffs at all.
    Still, suggesting any sort of beliefs (especially those influenced by the death of a loved one) merit execution is a pretty puerile way of making a point.

  4. Sure it’s childish, but much less dangerous than the beliefs these people hold. I would never carry out my belief that they should be shot (and I hope everybody who read my post already understands that), yet they are currently in the process of trying to deprive innocent people of their liberty.

  5. Bah…. it seems so logical..
    you sue the gun manufacturer if the gun malfunctions, explodes, and kills someone..
    you sue the shooter if the gun performs perfectly the way it’s designed and kills someone…
    I hate people.

  6. If you hate America enough to burn the flag why don’t you just find yourself another country to live in. I hate all this bull shit just as much as anybody, but I hardly put the blame on America. This is a great and, more importantly, a wealthy country. I blame people for these rediculous actions. Idiots and fanatics are gonna be in any country.

  7. There is nothing wrong with burning the flag that all of the sheep bow down to! America was found on the princable of freedom for all. And this great country was also founded by drug adicts, prostitute , and theives, much of what this great country is today. I don’t burn flags but i surely fly my rebel flag with pride and all of the rest of brain washed america can bite my shiney metal ass.

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