All for Naught

I’ve got shitty luck when it comes to cars. I got the right head gaskets for the Subaru today, and tonight, as I was cleaning the old cylinder head in preparation for installing it with a new gasket, I noticed that the head was cracked in two places. I checked it out pretty closely right after I pulled the head off the engine, but I was only looking at the walls between the combustion chambers and the water holes around the outside. It turns out that the head is cracked between the valves on each side. I suspect that the cylinder head on the other side of the engine has the same problem, but I haven’t pulled it off yet to find out–I really don’t care at this point.
I only have two choices right now–I can either buy new or rebuilt heads, either of which will be pretty expensive, or I can just buy a new car and leave the Subaru alone for now and fix it as I can afford it. I still really like that car, but I need something to drive right now, and my truck isn’t much of a grocery-getter. I need a 4-door, and one that gets good gas mileage, since I’ll be taking it to work every so often. I think we’re going to talk to Traci’s uncle Bob tomorrow about buying something from his used-car dealership, though I really don’t want to go into even more credit card debt. I guess that’s the real dilemma I face anyway, because I’d have to buy new heads with my credit card as well. The only issue I really care about is time.

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  1. If you’re lookin’ for a simple 4-door, grocery getter that gets good gas mileage, try finding a Saturn SL. I have a ’95 SL1, the mid-range model, which I bought used in early 1998. After almost 5 years, I think I’ve spent maybe $1500 for mechanical repairs, the last major repair/replacement being in October of 2001 (knock on wood) when I needed a new alternator. Even with over 120K on it, I still average over 30MPG.

  2. i suggest you call up everyone you know that could help ya with the car and throw a beer party and have everyone help you work on the car you’ve went this far why stop now it would be cheaper than buying another car

  3. It’s an EA82 (’88 Wagon GL), actually. I’d considered just putting the old heads back on, but I figured I’d be better off replacing them–it’ll probably be worth the wait. I haven’t even pulled the driver’s side cylinder head off yet, so I don’t know what condition it’s in, but I suspect that it’ll be as bad or worse than the other.

  4. let me offer help as I’m in a similar bind with one of my subaru’s.
    I too am a member of that link listed above – this is my “ID” on there as well.
    But you also might try the following hunt search engine as well:
    select year 1988
    then scroll ALL THE WAY down to Subaru other or XT or loyale as they all will she waht you might need
    then leave it as all states…
    there now with that search will list salvage yards ALL OVER The US and some Canada’s too.
    I am hunting for a pair of Gen 3 cylinder heads for my turbo EA82 GL-10 4WD Turbo wagon so I feel your pain.
    feel free to email me or join the board anyways.

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