8 thoughts on “Justice

  1. Good hell I hate animal rights activists… they cause more problems then they solve. Animal rights activist hunting season anyone?

  2. Animal rights activists are a bunch of tree hugen,bunny loven, tofu eaten pansies. They cause to many problems for hunters. They should stop being jurks to hunters and concentrate on the animal molesters and animal abusers.

  3. Animal Rights Activists are sh*t disturbers, the ultimate hypocrites and the pure scum of the earth. Humans are the master species of the earth, naturally carnivores and have been since the beginning of time. Deal with it and start fighting for a WORTHY cause, like, ummmm, maybe CANCER, AIDS, POVERTY or anything that helps HUMANS. If we weren’t supposed to eat animals, they wouldn’t be made of meat.

  4. Hunters are a bunch of Neanderthal imbacile-nutzis who to thinks they will prove their ”manhood” and get bigger balls if they kill animals.

  5. I know a horse who happens to be a human-rights activist, and all the the other animals pick on him about it. Poor horse.

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