Hell Yeah

I finished up the Subaru today, and everything appears to be working just fine. I figured out the reason that it wouldn’t start yesterday–there was a vacuum line for the fuel system that became disconnected when I was putting the transmission back in. The clutch seems to be working just fine, though it grabs just a little bit, but hopefully that will go away after the disk wears in a little bit. I still need to refill the coolant (which doesn’t seem to be leaking anymore), refill the transmission, check the oil, and adjust the free-play on the clutch pedal, all of which I should be able to get done on my lunchbreak tomorrow. I didn’t get it done today because my wife would rather have xmas lights on the house than have her car back tonight. I’m so damned proud of myself that I was able to fix this without screwing my car up. It’s amazing what you can accomplish due to a lack of money. Now I’m fearless when it comes to repairing my vehicles on my own–if you can pull a transmission and replace it without any help, you can probably do anything on a car.
Update: Pictures are now online.

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