Who's your daddy?

We found out a month and a half ago that number two is on the way. Due date is July 5, 2003. We won’t find out until the end of February whether it’s a boy or a girl, though Traci’s first doctor’s appointment is next week, and we’ll get to hear the heartbeat then.
Traci has had morning sickness pretty bad this time, which is no different from when she was pregnant with Michael. At least we know what to expect, now. Between now and next summer, we’re going to try saving as much money as possible, because even with decent health insurance, our medical bills with Michael almost killed us. I’m hoping this one is a boy, too, since that will save us from having to buy entirely new clothes this time around. But if it’s a girl, at least Traci will be happy, since that’s what she’s always wanted.

3 thoughts on “Who's your daddy?

  1. Congratulations!!!! Tell Traci sorry that I didn’t visit her when we were down for thanksgiving..saw Little mandy though..she is sure a skinny one..anyway…I’m happy for u guys..

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