DayQuil Junkie

I’ve come down with some sort of cold, and I’ve been pretty miserable lately. My whole head is stuffy–nose, throat, ears, all of it–and my body is all achy. It’s gotten gradually worse since I woke up on Saturday morning, and today I finally started taking some DayQuil in order to function halfway normally.
I’ve pretty much decided to replace the Subaru clutch myself, but I won’t get started until I talk to my wife’s uncle about it. He may be able to fix it for considerably less than I’d pay if I went to any other repair garage, and if that could save me from having my car torn apart in my garage for a month, then it would be worth it.
Last night, Traci and I went to Kmart to do a little $mas shopping, and we ended up “stealing” a few items while we were there. The cashier started ringing up all our items, and the first thing she scanned had an optional warranty that you could purchase. The screen on the register asked if the customer wanted to purchase the warranty, and it had <YES> and <NO> options. The cashier either didn’t see it, or completely ignored it. She continued scanning the rest of our items (while the register beeped like it normally does when you scan an item), and when she was finished, she noticed the question up on the screen and asked us if we wanted to purchase the additional warranty. We of course said no, and she hit the Total button, and it came to about $18. She seemed to think that sounded about right, but we had well over $100 in merchandise. I told her that couldn’t possibly be correct, and only then did she realize that everything she scanned after the first item didn’t actually ring up. So she had to take out everything she had already bagged and re-scan it all, only she missed a few items this time. I didn’t notice until after we’d gotten home, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to go back and tell them they forgot to charge me for the items. It was only about $15 worth of stuff, but I was happy that after having to wait so long in line, then wait even longer while the cashier rang everything up twice, it ended up being worthwhile.

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