Slide, slide, slippety slide.

The clutch in my Subaru is almost completely shot now. We were on our way home from Traci’s grandma’s this evening, and I was making a left turn from Main Street onto Carbon Avenue, and the clutch slipped so bad that I thought it was going to give out entirely. I was running 5,000 RPMs in first gear and barely moving.
We were gonna go to Orem tomorrow and help Jaysen move into his new place, but I don’t dare drive my car that far. With as bad as it is now, I’m pretty sure it couldn’t handle 200 miles worth of driving without giving out, and I certainly don’t want to be stuck with my family on the side of US-6 in a snow storm.
So instead, I’m going to buy a repair manual and see exactly what I can do about it. I’m desperately hoping that the clutch is just out of adjustment or something, but I would never be so lucky. I may try to replace it myself, because I’ve got nothing to lose. If I don’t try, I still won’t have the use of my car. If I don’t think I can do it, I’ll probably talk to Traci’s uncle and see if he can get me another ’88 Subaru. I really like that car, and I wouldn’t mind just replacing it with another one.

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