The National Rifle Association held its rally in Tucson, Arizona today, and some idiots were of course there to protest. From the CNN article:

“We’re here to tell Charlton Heston to go the hell home,” said Sean Hammond, 31, of Tucson. “We just had the worst shooting in the history of Tucson just two days ago.”

Now, this wasn’t a murder convention, it was an NRA convention. What the fuck is wrong with these protesters? Do they think everybody at the convention was just there to chuckle and joke about the killings that happened earlier this week? The CEO of the NRA had this to say:

“I honestly think that if a madman had driven a car into a crowd and if there was a car convention scheduled, they wouldn’t cancel the convention,” LaPierre said.

Damn straight. Why do people insist on vilifying the weapons used in violent crimes, rather than the criminals themselves? You don’t hear about anti-knife people, although stabbings still take place all the time. What about fists? Feet? What will they think of next?

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