Oh boy…

It appears as though the shooter at the University of Arizona may have held a concealed weapon permit. Here’s a quote from the Fox News article:

“She said she had several classes with Flores and he told classmates about a year ago that he had gotten a concealed weapon permit.”

If that’s the case, it’ll certainly be fodder for the University of Utah in their quest to ban legally-concealed weapons from campus.
I don’t think they quite realize that there’s no sure-fire solution to the problem of weapons on campus. If you have an outright ban on guns, somebody with murder on their mind isn’t going to check their weapon at the door. But somebody with the means to stop a shooting (a non-lunatic with a legally-concealed weapon) before anybody else gets hurt would be barred from doing so.
A concealed weapon permit doesn’t guarantee sanity or morality, and a ban on guns doesn’t guarantee safety, but if a line has to be drawn, I’d side with allowing legally-concealed weapons for the sole reason that I trust my own safety to self-defense rather than a rule banning guns.

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