Dude, you're fired!

At least he gets to stay for awhile longerI kinda feel for the “Dell Dude.” They’re shifting things around in my department at work, and there’s a possibility that I may not even have a job next month. I don’t really know what’s going on, except that my department is being assimilated into another department.
I don’t know what I would do if I lost my job. Since I live in Carbon County, but I’m employed by a company in Utah County, and since I work from home, there’s absolutely zero chance that I could get a job that pays as well in this area without my MSHA underground papers, a CDL, or a doctorate in shit-kicking. I’d be relegated to collecting unemployment and trying to get a job at Wal-Mart or McDonalds. And I’d have to let the bank foreclose on my house, since I couldn’t possibly sell it before I miss several payments. I’d be living in my camper, probably down by the river.
In completely, utterly unrelated news, I fired 30 rounds through my P-11, and everything is ship-shape. Still no failure-to-feed or jamming, so I guess I got lucky in that sense. I cleaned it after firing it, and it went back together just fine this time. I can see where the guide rod slipped, and the bluing is worn off on that part of the frame. I can tell that they didn’t replace the recoil springs, because they show wear from being jammed between the barrel and the frame. I forgot to ship the gun with the assembly pin in place, because it wouldn’t fit with the barrel wedged in the full-rear position, so they simply gave me a new one. All-in-all, I’m quite impressed with Kel-Tec’s service department, and I don’t regret buying this gun one bit. I had my doubts during the nine days that I waited to hear from them, but after receiving the gun today, I’m quite happy.

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