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  1. This is where I can see the ignorance of the people of Utah(but not limited to). Here’s a perfectly good idea to help all of those families who always talk about, but never have the time to get together at least once a week, and everyone is to blind to see it! Deanna Chadwick says, “I don’t think [the church] should have anything to do with the schools,” she said. “They should be completely separate, two different things. School is school and church is church.” Correct me if I’m wrong but what does church have to do with spending one night a week as a family. Just because a well known church leader is the one that announced the idea of a united effort to get families together doesn’t make it a religious imposition. If a well known public figure of the community, like Rocky Anderson, would have came up with the idea i’m sure lots of people would think it was great. I can gaurantee, that this woman has said to herself a number of times, gee I sure would like to have dinner as a family sometime, but there is always so much to do. It doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out that if we can agree on one night free from these community and school activities we just might get this time togther(family dinner)once a week.

  2. My family had dinner together every single night, and I still had plenty of time for extracurricular activities. Families should learn to prioritize for themselves, rather than have it done for them by their religious leaders, which in turn forces other non-religious families to forgo the same activities on that day.If I was a religious person, my religion would come before everything, including work, school, or little league baseball, and there would be no need for my childrens’ school principals to reschedule everybody’s activities around my beliefs. Know what I’m sayin’? =)

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