We (me & Traci, Ty & Mandi, and Mike & Ali) were all sitting around last night around 10:00 playing poker, which nobody seemed to be enjoying all that much, so we decided to go to Wal-Mart and buy Cranium. I’d been wanting to get that game for a long time, but I could never justify spending $36 on a board game. We decided to split the cost three ways, and I was just planning on paying for it entirely and settling up later, since nobody was carrying cash on them (just Visa check cards). But my wife asked the cashier if we could pay with three different cards, and I was surprised when she said that we could. So Ty, Mike, and I all swiped our cards and entered our PINs, each paying about $12.
The game was a blast to play, especially when you’ve had a few glasses of cheap wine. =) There are four different categories that have you sculpt with clay or sketch/draw (sometimes with your eyes closed), play charades or impersonate a famous person or hum/whistle a song, answer trivia questions, and play word games. Most of the trivia questions and word games were really hard, but the other categories made it really fun. I’m sure we’ll play it again on New Year’s Eve, but it was fun enough that we might have to get together before then just to play again. Now we’ve got to figure out a custody/visitation schedule. =)

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