I probably won’t be posting until next week, since Solo is doing a hardware upgrade to the server this weekend and it’ll probably be down for awhile. Besides, Mike and Allison are coming down for the weekend (par-tay), so I doubt I’ll spend much time on the computer anyway.
I was going to do some benchmark hunting, but I don’t think Allison and Traci would be up for that–especially since the place I want to go involves a very long cross-country hike to Indian Head. There’s a road that gets about ½ mile away from Indian Head, but it starts on private property (with a locked gate), so I can’t take that route. Instead, I’d have to drive up to Reservation Ridge, then hike southwest for several miles to the peak and benchmark. Strangely enough, there’s another peak called Indian Head that’s about seven or eight miles east of the other one, but it’s accessible from Reservation Ridge by car. There’s even a benchmark on that peak too, and several others along the road there, so someday it’ll make a good outing.

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