Ok, being an adult officially sucks. Back in the day, I never had to worry about neighbors, lawyers, house payments, offspring, changing the oil in my truck, employment, mowing the lawn, insurance, painting the house, cutting down weeds, etc. What I wouldn’t give to be 8 years old again, when the only thing I had to worry about was keeping the tires on my bike from going flat, and being home in time for dinner. Of course, if I knew then what I know now, I would have made much better use of my time. But still, there are times I wish I could just go back to being as carefree as I was then.
Ok, time to go to bed. I gotta get up early for work and make a few bucks.

6 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. That’s the way life is.
    The only thing we can learn from this is, that it has to be our goal to make the live of our kids the best as it can possibly be. And to teach them to do it themselves when their turn comes in growing up children.

  2. At least you still have caves to explore in. That would take me back easily. Pirates with hidden gold, digging to the center of the earth, adapting to permanent life underground after nuclear fallout…
    The fun never ends with caves.

  3. Sounds like a goal to me. Make it a goal to make your life as carefree as possible. Change careers.. find what you want to do.. make it happen.. enjoy life!
    I agree life was awesome as a child.. but make the best of your situation!
    Money isn’t everything, a new truck isn’t everything! Make some sacrifices for your happiness.. it’s worth it!
    When there is a will there is a way! I am really drunk but I think this makes sense! Hah!

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