Bring the Bling

I fed 50 rounds through my handgun today, and it performed perfectly. I was not only told by Ty, but I had read online that I should expect my P-11 to jam or misfeed a couple times during the first hundred rounds or so, but that isn’t the case so far. I probably won’t have the money to buy more ammunition until I get paid at the end of the month, but at least I got my xmas shopping done early. =) Wal-Mart sells a 100-round box of Winchester 9mm 115 grain full metal jacket target/range ammo for $10.58, so that’s what I plan on practicing with since the price is right and they seem to work well in my gun. A 20-round box of Federal Hydra-Shok 135 grain jacketed hollow points goes for $11.50 at Sportsman’s Warehouse, but I haven’t checked to see if Wal-Mart even carries them. I hope so, because I’d hate to buy the overpriced stuff at the sporting-goods store around here, if they even carry them.
I plan on practicing with my 9mm every week until I feel comfortable with it, and then just every so often to keep my aim straight. I’d like my wife to shoot it just as often, but she doesn’t really like it that much. I don’t really know what she was expecting, but she’d prefer to shoot a .22 semi-auto than our 9mm. I’ll probably have to buy her one of those before she’ll let me get another handgun. And next time, I think I’ll go for a Glock 9mm, then a Glock .45 after that. Of course, I really need to replace my old broken .22 semi-auto rifle, and I’d also like to replace my 16-guage shotgun with a 12-guage pump. All that’s probably far-off into the future anyway. 🙁

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