'Round the Outside

Camping was pretty decent this weekend–it was worth going this time, at least. I still can’t believe the sheer number of people that were camping in the same area as us, though. The road we were near was about as heavily travelled as the street in front of my house, which is pretty bad. Mike and Allison ended up just coming up for the day yesterday, but they stayed at our house last night, and just left a few hours ago. Ty and Mandi came over and we had a little barbeque this evening, which was quite nice. We should do that more often.
Michael has been sick all day today, so we’ve basically spent most of the day cleaning up puke. He seemed to be getting better for awhile there, but he puked again just before we bathed him and put him to bed. I really hope he’s feeling better tomorrow, because Traci’s taking him up to Provo with her for the day. I’m planning on pouring some more of that concrete walkway in my back yard over the next two days, but I don’t actually feel up to it. I’d hate to put it off until it’s too late in the year to finish it, so if I don’t get it done this week, I’ll end up working on it for an hour or two every day after work until it’s finished.
I’ve put some more pictures up, mostly of our past two camping trips. Enjoy.

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