Who's the asshole now?

I just got back from dropping off my truck, along with the camper, up near the top of Huntington Canyon. We decided since it’s Labor Day weekend, and it’s also the middle of the deer and elk archery season, that we’d better take the camper up today in order to get a good camping spot. It was only about 80°F when we left Price, but it was downright cold when we got to the campsite. It was also full dark by the time we got there–I wish we could have left earlier than we did, but I was afraid that the warmer it was outside, the more likely my truck was to overheat. The water temperature actually stayed just barely below normal the entire time, and it even dropped lower than that at some points when the road going up the canyon wasn’t so steep.
We didn’t leave the truck at the spot I had planned on going to because Traci’s parents went up about 15 minutes before we did and picked out a spot themselves, but it was actually better than where I wanted to go. We’re going back up there Friday when Traci and I get off work, and I think Jaysen and Michelle will be getting up there around the same time. And Mike and Allison are probably coming up Saturday morning, because they have a lot further to drive than we do. It should be a decent weekend (hopefully better than last weekend, anyway), and it’ll probably be the last time we go camping for the year.

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