Bringin' home the pork rhinds

My wife got a part-time job at a daycare, and her first day was today. It’s quite nice, because it’s what she’s always wanted to do (I dunno why, I can’t stand other strangers’ kids), and she gets to bring Michael to work with her. Hopefully it’ll bring in enough cash to get some bills paid off, and maybe it’ll even turn into a full-time gig. And if not, at least it will give her something good to put on her resume. She said Michael had fun today, beating up other kids and stealing their lunch money, so it’ll be some good experience for him too.

1 thought on “Bringin' home the pork rhinds

  1. “Beating up kids and stealing lunch money..”
    Hah…glad to see he’s off to a good start… he’ll be prepared for public school in notime! 🙂

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