Down Spock, down!

Not only is my mother-in-law looney, she’s also extremely lazy. Just a few minutes ago, she called my wife from her cell phone, telling her to come outside to talk to her. That’s right, she called my house from my driveway. My wife went outside and talked to her mom for a few minutes, while her mom just sat in her car. After my wife came back in the house, I asked her what the hell that was all about. She said her mom told her that she was in a hurry and didn’t have time to come to the door. Well what the fuck did she even come to my house for? She has a cell phone, so if she was in a hurry but still wanted to talk to my wife, she could have done so on the phone! I swear, logic doesn’t exist in these people’s worlds. My wife didn’t seem to think it was strange, but if somebody called me from my own driveway and told me to come out and talk to them, I’d tell them to fuck off. Get off your lazy ass and come in if you want to talk–don’t just whistle and say, “Here boy!” and expect me to come running like a dog.

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