We never did see any search party for Elizabeth Smart up around Strawberry–they must not have had many volunteers. We did see a suspicious vehicle, though–it was just filling in a shallow grave, and it kept looking over its shoulder. Seriously, I’ll never figure out what a “suspicious vehicle” is. We actually did see a white SUV or minivan or something parked at the end of a dirt road at the southeast end of Strawberry Reservoir, but if that constitutes a suspicious vehicle, then I saw several of them in the past two days. Let’s take them down to the station for questioning.

3 thoughts on “Morons

  1. Ya, I felt pretty suspicious when we were sitting at the lake. I mean,being the only ones not fishing or swimming. We were also the only ones with our vehicles parked towards the water, and the only ones that ate our lunch on the beach between 1:00 and 1:30. Uh oh! They might be on the lookout for our vehicles next week. It’s a good thing we won’t be there. 🙂 phew

  2. Heh…I’m sitting here trying to come up with a witty description for a “suspicious vehicle”, but it’s hard to beat having a car filling in a shallow grave and looking over it’s shoulder…

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