Considerately killing me

Camping was ok. Sleeping in a tent really sucks though, especially when you’re used to having a camper. I think next time I go camping, I’m bringing the camper no matter what, even if I have to stop every ten miles to let the engine cool off and refill the radiator.
I was pretty pissed off when we got there, because the first two camping spots that I wanted to stay at had trailers parked there, but nobody was around. Some assholes came up earlier in the week and parked their trailers, then went back home. Fucking pussies. I seriously wanted to hook up to their trailers and haul them back down to the side of the highway, but I didn’t really want to be camped in their old spot when they came looking. So the camping spot we stayed at wasn’t the best, but it was good enough. Next time, I’m slashing tires though. Bitches.
I surprisingly didn’t take many pictures, so I probably won’t put them on my site until I take a few more decent ones. Michael had a lot of fun dumping dirt on his head, and he was filthy the entire time we were up there–I got some great pictures of that. There was nothing but dirt around, so it’s not surprising. The bathtub was pretty dirty when we got done bathing him. Me too, for that matter. I’m just glad to be home, and clean again. Camping was fun, but I’ve still got two days off work, and I plan to spend them doing absolutely nothing.

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