Perseid Meteor Shower

The meteor shower last night was kind of a bust. I mean, it was ok, but it was nothing compared to November’s shower. I got my camera figured out well enough to take decent pictures of the night sky–to the point where you can actually see stars that are bright enough–but no meteors happened to streak across the frame for the 157 pictures I shot. There were just way fewer meteors than I expected, and none as big and bright as the huge one we saw last year.
There were a lot of coyotes around us though, and it made me a little nervous standing in the middle of nowhere, on a moonless night, with them yipping and howling not 300 yards away. I kept shining my flashlight off into the brush, trying to reassure myself that they weren’t getting closer.
After my camera battery died, we just headed back home. It was damned cold for the middle of August, and we had the heat on for the entire drive home. I was chilled to the bone from being out of the car for more than an hour in that cold. I was worried about hitting deer or elk on the drive home, but apparently it was rabbits I should have been worried about. I hit two of them within a couple of miles of each other, and now I have blood splattered in my wheel wells and on one of my tires.

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