Go Soobie, go!

The family loaded up in the Subaru yesterday evening, and we headed out to the Kyune area and did some four-wheeling. I had originally planned on going to Kyune Reservoir, which I didn’t even know existed until yesterday when I found it on a topo map. I knew exactly where the dirt road that leads to the reservoir starts, because it’s where Ty and I parked to watch the meteor shower last year. I never noticed whether or not the gate was locked, though, so I figured we’d drive up and give it a try. The gate was locked, so we decided to just drive around on some other dirt roads along the Price River. It had rained up there the day before, so the roads were a little muddy, with some giant puddles left behind as well. We drove that car where a lot of passenger cars couldn’t go–I even had one of the tires in the air going through a deep rut running across the road. Hell, even Traci drove around a bit and splashed through some mud puddles.
A few times I got out of the car just to walk around and take in the scenery, and to take a few pictures. I accidentally found at least one rock containing some fossils, and another that either has some fossils in it, or some possibly some oncolites. It’s hard to tell, because oncolites can look so different from one another, but these ones are way bigger than some that I found about two years ago near Helper. The last time I needed some fossils identified, I just posted a link to some pictures to sci.bio.paleontology and sci.geo.geology, and I got quite a few responses, so I think I’ll try that again.

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