I’m going to have to buy two new propane tanks because of this stupid law. According to that article, there are about 600 accidents each year due to overfilled propane tanks, so starting in April of this year, you’re required to replace any tank with the old-style of valve. This will make about 40 million propane cylinders obsolete. Now, let’s apply some fucking logic to this thing: 600 accidents, divided by 40,000,000 tanks, equals a 0.0015% chance of it happening to you. Damn shitty retarded lawmakers. It’s gonna cost me about $60 to replace the tanks in my camper, but luckily my barbecue came with one of the new ones.

3 thoughts on “Racket

  1. Are your camper’s tanks the same type (size & shape) as a normal barbecue tank?
    If so just go exchange it next time they’re empty at walker’s or CJ’s… That’s what I did with my barbecue tank. 🙂

  2. How much do they charge to exchange those? I think the ones in my camper are a few inches taller than the common barbecue sized ones, but maybe they’ll still take ’em. If not, I was just going to head out to that RV place in Wellington.

  3. I don’t remember exactly.. seems like it’s just a bit more than a normal fill up.. But the shelves in those cases are barely tall enough to fit a normal bbq sized tank, so if yours are any bigger at all I bet they won’t take them.

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