I had planned on installing a workbench in my wife’s craft room last night, but I ran into a snag. I had bought some concrete screws to mount some L-brackets to the walls, then I was going to mount a piece of melamine-laminated particle board on the brackets. But drilling the holes for the concrete screws was taking forever. At the rate I was going, it would have taken me two days to drill the 15 holes that I needed. So instead, my wife called her dad, and he brought over his concrete-nail gun. It uses .27 caliber charges to shoot the nails into the concrete, but when we tried shooting a nail through the mouting hole in an L-bracket, it blew a hole in the bracket and tore a chunk of concrete out of the wall. I think the problem was a combination of too big of a charge and too short of a nail. So we cut some 2X2 boards to length, and used much longer nails to mount them to the walls, and it worked perfectly. My ears are still ringing a little bit. My basement smells pretty bad now (like burned gun powder), and I’m surprised none of my neighbors called the police because they thought they heard small-arms fire. But at least the hard part is done now, and all I’ve got left to do is get some different brackets to mount the table-top with, then install a new light fixture. Oh, the joys of home improvement.

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