I wonder if I’ll ever feel healthy again. I’ve felt like total crap for the past two weeks, and things don’t seem to be shaping up at all yet. My cold is still hanging on, and I was awake for a good part of last night because, well, you don’t want to know. My sunburn is just about done peeling, so at least there’s that. I always feel dirty when I’ve got dead skin peeling off my back and shoulders for some reason. =)
My body is really tired. I spent a lot of time the past few weeks walking and hiking and driving all over the place, and in addition to being sick, it’s really taken a toll on me. Yesterday didn’t help, either–I took two loads (including a trailer, so that’s really four loads, just two trips) of weeds, tree branches, and other crap to the landfill, and I ended up with a headache the rest of the day. At least my back yard looks quite a bit better. Still needs some work, though.
I’ve been incredibly bored lately, mostly because things are really slow at work. We’ve had a little downtime, waiting for something to do, and when you sit around all day just being “available” in case something comes up, it gets tedious.

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