Worst EVER.

I bought 540 pounds of concrete mix today–my car had a definite tilt to it on the way home. I also got two big bags of peat moss, 60 feet of edging, and a bunch of other small things I’ll need to get my front yard looking good. I’ve still got several bags of bark mulch in my garage that I bought last fall and never used. Hopefully they’re not rotted out or anything like that.
I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to mix the concrete for the pathway I’m pouring. I needed eight 60-pound bags of mix, but I could only get 90-pound bags around here, so I bought six of them. Each mold for the stepping stones I’m pouring takes 60 pounds of concrete, so I’ll either have to take 2/3 out of a bag and mix it for one stone, or mix two bags for three stones. Either way, I risk messing something up–I’ll either use too much or too little mix, or the concrete may set up before I can pour all the stones.
If I get it all looking good this weekend, I’ll put some pictures up. If not, well then, I’ll just pretend I never mentioned anything about it. =)
Update: It turned out looking good.

4 thoughts on “Worst EVER.

  1. I really…really had to refrain from saying “worst…concrete…ever” 🙂
    er….nevermind, I guess I just did. 🙂

  2. Looks Great… Of course if it wasn’t for me driving by and honking my horn every 5 min it wouldn’t look as good as it does. 🙂

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