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Mike and Allison are staying here this weekend, so it should at least be fun. I was going to do some yard work, mostly hauling old tree branches and weeds off to the landfill, but that was before I learned that my truck probably still won’t be fixed. They got the transmission bolted up to the engine, but the extension housing won’t bolt up to the transfer case. Damn idiots. So now they’re looking for a new extension housing, and if the amount of time it took them to find a transmission is any indication, it’ll be another month before they get one.
My wife’s uncle wants me to install a new hard drive in his computer today, but between working and having friends come in from out of town, I doubt I’ll get around to it. Near the end of last year, the FAT on his old hard drive got corrupted somehow, and I had to reformat the drive and reinstall Windows. Not long after that, the hard drive began misreporting the size of certain files, which would cause Windows to freeze up when booting. I fixed it once using Scandisk, but a few days later he called me because it was doing it again. I just created a bootup disk for him that would boot to DOS and automatically run Scandisk and fix the problem, so I didn’t have to come out there every damn time his hard drive fucked up. I told him that he absolutely has to get a new hard drive, because eventually his old one would crash and he’s be screwed. Finally, just yesterday, he bought a new Western Digital 100GB drive. So if I get the time this weekend, I’m going to attempt to clone his old drive. Chances are it won’t work and I’ll end up doing a brand-new Windows install again. Oh joy.
One of the project managers at work has quit his job, and when I went into the office yesterday, I had several people telling me to apply for the new opening. One of the women on his team was actually begging me to apply for it. For those of you who haven’t been reading my site for more than three years, I actually used to be a project manager at work, but I quit my job to move back to Price. About three months after that, they offered me a peon job working from home, and I’ve been doing that ever since. One of the people I talked to yesterday, a “pseudo-project-manager” (I’m not sure exactly what her job is), said she’d talk to the big boss about offering me the job while still letting me work from home. I told her that I’d seriously consider something like that. I’d have to go into the office once a week, maybe more, rather than once every two or three weeks like I’m doing now. I’m just not sure that I want the added responsibility–my current job is quite comfortable, thank you very much. But the project manager position pays considerably better, and I sure could use the money.

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