Green Stuff

It was too windy (again) last night to plant my grass, so I got up early this morning and did it. I laid down some starter fertilizer, then the grass seed, then a layer of peat moss, and watered it. The shape of my yard (and the location of the garage and house) make it a little difficult to water with a regular sprinkler, ’cause I always end up either watering the windows in my basement or getting water under the garage door, so I just stood out there and watered with the hose. But I’m going to have to come up with a better way, because I can’t be outside watering the grass all day, every day, until it gets established.

6 thoughts on “Green Stuff

  1. You could always make a pretend-you and let that hold the hose. Or, make a pretend hose and hold that inside the basement. Er, no that wouldn’t work. Sorry, just brainstorming.

  2. At the house we lived at in price my dad, brother, and I all had to manualy water the lawn about 3 times a day till it was established. Just cuase i feel for ya i hope you find a better alternative.

  3. get one of those little vehicle things (looks like a mini-tractor) that travels independently around the yard, watering the lawn.
    unless you’re poor.

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