Have a Cigar

Christ, I’m sore. Every day this week, I’ve been working in my back yard for a couple of hours after I get off work, trying to get it ready to plant grass and do some other landscaping. I’ve torn out several tree stumps, almost all of Ailanthus Altissima, or Tree of Heaven. This tree has got to be one of the worst weeds in the world, but I hope to eradicate them from my yard entirely this summer. I also tore out the remains of some rose bushes I cut down last year, but they might as well have been tree stumps–some of them were larger than 6″ in diameter at the base.
I also started removing two poles that used to have a clothesline attached to them. I borrowed Ty’s grandpa’s pipe cutter (thanks again! 🙂 to remove the horizontal pipe connecting the two uprights, then I dug around the concrete base of each pole–one was 2 ft. deep, the other 3 ft. They sure used enough damn concrete. I tried using my Subaru to pull one of them out of the hole, but the concrete base just got stuck on the edge of the hole and my car couldn’t power it out (my truck probably could have). So I had my wife help me steady the pole while I lifted the entire thing out, then rolled it back behind my garage and out of the way. I’m still working on getting the other one out–it’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow after work.

4 thoughts on “Have a Cigar

  1. I think you could have pulled both the concrete tree stumps in one day. you do not give yourself enough credit. In fact I think you could have lifted it with your pinkie finger. ha ha ha 🙂

  2. I use the word “christ” in the same casual sense that I would use the words “man” or “jeez” or “god” or “phew.” =)
    It took Jaysen’s truck in 4-low, with his front tires squealing on the concrete of my driveway and the back tires spinning in the dirt, to get the other block of concrete out. And it sure saved me a lot of hard work and grunting.

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